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Permatex® PermaSorb™ Multi-Purpose Cellulose Absorbent

The clay alternative...several times more absorbent than clay. Safely absorbs all liquids including oil, coolant, ATF, brake fluid, paint and solvents on contact. It effectively turns spills from liquid to solid. Made from 100% reclaimed unbleached wood cellulose fiber. Contains no carcinogens that may cause respiratory hazard making it safe for user to handle. Biodegradable fibers lock liquids to prohibit leeching into soil. Absorbs coolant better than alternatives. Light product weight makes package handling easy to use. Environmentally friendly, it can be disposed in a landfill or by incineration or bioremediation.

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Suggested Applications: Spills on garage floors, shop floors, driveways, sidewalks
Item #Container SizePackPart #MSDSTDS
3849015 lb bag138490